Where, Oh Where??

Early last year, my Hubby and I were planning to go on a BIG Trip, somewhere out there. But then, we had to cancel that plan as our finances are not enough for that Trip. So, we thought that maybe it’s not God’s perfect time for us to go there yet.

This year we still haven’t planned out where our next destination will be. Since we are on our 1 year leave, we have all the time to travel and see the world. What we need now are the resources and finances to do so. Hahah! This is one challenge for the so called Budget Traveler huh? How to go and see the world with very tight finances? :)

Anyways, my Hubby and I will continue to pray and plan for this year and it’s really our desire to go to a country or 2 that we’ve never been. That’s our prayer and our desire.

So for now, we have to search for Cheap Flights for our desired travel destinations. We really have to plan out well so that we won’t end up booking for last minutes flights or last minute hotels. It’s better to be an early bird to get the promotions cheap accommodations.

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