A Tennis Champion from Cagayan de Oro

I know this is late news, but I still haven’t blogged about it so, I take this opportunity to let you know of a fellow Cagay-anon who won last month’s Australian Open Doubles Boys Junior Division held in Melbourne Australia.

Here’s an excerpt from the news item from Sun Star Daily written by Tibs Palasan Jr. :

At the age of 16, he played against the world’s bests. Essaying his tennis skills and mental toughness, a pair of Australians who were eventual runner-ups exclaimed: “Where did this kid learn his tennis?”

The world, Philippines, and Cagayan in particular, when the news was flashed on the internet and cable television, wondered, where indeed this kid learned his tennis?

Unknown to many, Nino was born, raised, educated, and honed his tennis in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro. At the early age of five, he had his tennis lessons in Nazareth Lawn Tennis courts. He
played against ball boys and club players, while his competitors are trained in tennis academies. Even without intensive training, he displayed a flair for the sports.

Wow! Such an amazing and talented kid. And by the way, we also lived in Nazareth before where my father and I used to jog around the Nazareth Lawn Tennis courts. I never got interested about tennis and it’s just lately I’ve got to know about Volkl DNX tennis rackets that benefit from their DNX technology.

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