Best Travel Destination during the Rainy Season

Best Travel Destination during the Rainy Season

It’s raining here once again and while my daughter and I were going out, she told me, ” I don’t like it when it rains”. Then when I asked “why” she told me that she doesn’t want it to flood again. I think her flood experience will never be erased from her memory.

But just now, as I was thinking about our future travel destinations like MOAP, I thought it wouldn’t be nice to go on to those places when it rains. So, I’m wondering right now, “Where would the Best Travel destination during the rainy season? Or would people also like to travel during the wet season of the year? For me, I would rather stay back home and sleep than go out and get wet in the rain.

But anyways, I will do a bit of research on this and find out some great travel activities during the rainy season. Of course, I will have to cross out, sleeping in the hotel. :)

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