German Lessons

I used to dream of going to Germany for further studies. When I was in the university, I have learned that Germany’s technology and furniture design is just so advanced. They are also known for their brilliant artists and architects. So, that made me more interested about the country and not just their designs. As a step to make my ‘dream’ come true, I even took German language as one of my elective lessons in school. But as with other ‘learned’ languages but without practice, I think I can only remember one German word which is “Danke” means “Thank You!” :)

Presently, I have already given up my so called dream to pursue further studies there and so is my dream to visit the country. I was just reminded of these when I was I was surfing through the web about golf and I’ve found outa German golf portal. I’ve encountered some words in German and hese are the words.

Platzreife is a playing test that is necessary to take to be able to play on a golf course in Germany.
Golfurlaub means basically golf holiday
Golfkurs is simply the word is for a course of golf lessons

The site that I’ve found is a German golf portal that has everything to do with GOLF.They have a great Golf school that offers courses from children to the Playing permission in Germany (Platzreife). They also have the biggest Golf Shop in Germany that offers all brand name.

I’m not actually into golf and will never be. But if any of my kids are interested in the future, I’m not sure if I can afford to send them to golf school. I’ve heard that this sport is one of the expensive sports. But anyways, if you are interested about it, you might want to check out some golf sites.

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