Iligan City- Checked!

One City has already been checked off from our ” Places to go list” and that’s Iligan City. Thanks to our cousins Gisan and PJ who brought us around. Since we were only there for a day, we will surely go back there to see other places and visit the nearby city, Ozamiz City.

Here are the places we’ve seen while we were in Iligan last Saturday:

Maria Christina Falls – The tallest waterfalls in the Philippines and not to mention it indeed has a majestic view. This beautiful waterfalls is the source of electricity of the whole of Mindanao. For all foreign and local tourists, public viewing is allowed at a certain time but swimming is definetly prohibited. 😉

Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House – Home of our President Arroyo’s grandparents, this house is preserved and open to the public during weekdays. Too bad, we went there on a weekend so, we were not able to go inside.

TayTay Swimming Pool – Of course, we went swimming in Iligan City. Who won’t be tempted to swim there with their cold, fresh spring swimming pools. Timoga Swimming Pools are the more famous pools there but it’s a bit crowded during the weekends. So our hosts chose to go to Taytay Swimming pool. It was beautiful and indeed there were not a lot of guests as the location is quite hard to find. It’s indeed a great place to swim and relax.

Chedings Peanuts- A trip to Iligan will never be complete without stopping over at the famous peanut store, Chedings. Better bring some of these delicacies to your loved ones. Yummy and not to mention they have now more flavor and variety.

One thought on “Iligan City- Checked!

  1. hi! :) i’m impressed with all the spots you’ve visited in just one day. i miss iligan and cheding’s so much!

    have to make one correction, though… maria christina falls is not the tallest waterfalls in the philippines… it is, in fact, limunsudan falls located in barangay rogongon, still in iligan city. it’s a two-tiered monstrosity of a waterfalls — its “smaller” cascade alone taller than that of the whole drop of ma. christina’s. if you plan to visit iligan again and you’re the super adventurous type, i suggest you give the waterfalls a good look.

    i have to warn you, though, it takes 2 days to trek the falls.

    (but i’m sure it’s worth it!) 😉

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