Malaysia Here we Come!

We are currently booking our tickets to Malaysia now. We were not able to book our tickets earlier during Airasia’s zero fare promo because at that time we were still undecided on our departure dates. Or maybe we just got too excited to book our tickets elsewhere that we didn’t give priority to our flights back to my 2nd home. Good thing that as we’ve already decided on our dates now, we were still able to catch up with their 20% off seat sale. So, instead of paying 17,900 Pesos ( one way ticket for 3 adults and 1 infant) for a Manila-Kuala Lumpur flight ( from a different airline) we are now only going to pay 9,700 Pesos. It means we’ve saved up 8,200 Pesos! Not bad huh!

The only disadvantage of flying through Airasia is that their Airport is in Clark, Pampanga and is an hour and a half away from the NAIA terminals. We’ve tried flying through Airasia before and we didn’t have a very good experience since we were traveling with our baby and the flight was late at night. But I hope our experience this time would be a more pleasant one. We just have to make sure we will be able to find some friends or contacts who can gladly assist us and send us off with our 2 kids.

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