Missing Chayen

Cha Yen in Thai which translates as Cold ( yen) Tea ( cha) is one of the popular drinks in Thailand. It’s only sold at 10-12 Baht per glass.

When we were in Thailand, I would crave for this drink at night and would ask my Hubby to buy for me at the nearby shop. There are a number of shops selling these drinks with Roti and other food all around the city. These shops open in the evenings until one to two o’clock in a.m.

So, just the other day, I just suddenly blurted out to by Hubby, ” I miss chayen!”. Not realizing that my li’l daughter was at the back of me, she also said, ” Me too!” Oh, so I’m not alone…

One thought on “Missing Chayen

  1. reading this makes me want to drink chayen..mga ilang months na rin hindi ako nakainom ng chayen…ang sarap sana mapadalhan kita ng chayen ate…

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