Night Safari In Taiping Zoo

I miss bringing our Li’l girl to the zoo. I’m sure the more she’ll enjoy going to the zoo, now that she has grown up. I’m sure our Li’l boy will also enjoy looking at the real wild animals since he already knows how a few of them sound.

I could just remember the time when we went to the Taiping Night Safari. It was quite a funny experience for us. So, my family together with our Amma ( my Mom in law) went there. It was quite eerie actually to go to the zoo at night. It’s like going to the jungle at night time where you can hear the lions and the tigers roar. The Taiping Zoo was quite dark. There were even portions that was too dark that I think a good quality night vision goggles from Optics Planet will be sufficient. I’m not sure if it was just me who felt a bit scared at some portions of the zoo. I was scared that maybe someone ( not an animal ) might just suddenly pounce on us a take our bags (paranoid huh?). So, there were portions that we would just walk fast and proceed to walk slowly on the the well lighted areas. It felt like we were the only people in the zoo.

It was quite a walk because the zoo was huge and before we reached the end of the trip, only then we saw the zoo train passed by. So, we could have actually rode on the train! It could have save us some energy and not to mention the fear of walking in the dark amidst the wild animals. :)

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