No Igloos in Alaska?

We were surprised or rather a bit disappointed to find out from our friends who have been in and out of Alaska, that there are people there don’t live in igloos. Yes, those igloos that we saw in our children’s books – made of blocks of ice with a small opening resembling a dog kennel. They said they’ve never seen those in Alaska and much less live in it. I don’t know where those talk about people from Alaska living in igloos come from but I’m sure I’ve learned that when I was small.

But on the other hand, our friends told us that Alaska is indeed such a beautiful country. That explains their frequent visits to the place. I’ve also seen this country being featured in National Geographic several times.

I would very much like to Travel Alaska too. It doesn’t seem like a common destination for Asians but I’m sure an Alaska Travel would be a spectacular experience. I wonder what other things can be seen in Alaska aside from Denali Park, Alaska Native Heritage Center and Worthinggon Glacier.

2 thoughts on “No Igloos in Alaska?

  1. The Inuit people – the nomadic indigenous peoples of the arctic – are the ones who traditionally lived in igloos in regions north of the arctic circle. Note that I said tradtionally, as the Inuit have adopted westernized customs and lifestyles.

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