Repairs- Almost Done!

” Your room looks like a room from a resort now!” , my sister told me after they came back from our once flooded house.

We did some repairs for our house after the flood. You see our house has been flooded twice in a month and you can imagine the condition of our house, appliances and stuff. It wasn’t an ordinary flood but the water reached more than 5 ft and 3 ft for the 2 floods respectively.

Now, it’s been almost a month of repair and restoration of our house and appliances. Of course, we lost a lot of things but I’m thankful that as we go back, our house will be livable once again.

Now, our ‘resort-like’ room’s ( as described by my sis) roof and ceiling has been changed, walls painted and flooring changed. Our dining room is almost done and good that our stainless steel sink can still be used. But all the cabinets underneath are all gone. So, we just have to bear not having cabinets for quite sometime until we have a budget to make one.

We are aiming to move back to our house on Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because we have been scheduled to move even a week before but then work seems so slow because we only hired a few people to do it.

But I will surely post some pics right after we have moved back in. :)

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