I wonder how it is like to have an RV vacation? Actually, I only got to understand the whole concept of it after watching the movie, RV starring Robin Williams. By the way, RV stands for Recreational Vehicles where these vehicles go from camp to camp as part of the vacation.

Being in an RV itself is a great and new experience, how much more going places with breathtaking sceneries and camping spots. I’m sure the RV vacation will be unforgettable especially if you’re traveling with little ones.

Well, if you happen to be in North Carolina. You too can have an RV park North Carolina vacation. I’m sure there are a lot of NC RV parks to choose from like the Sycamore Lodge RV Resort. I’ve heard that Sycamore Lodge resort is offering a 2 nights 3 days camping for free. You better check it out! I for one would love to experience for myself being on an RV vacation and seeing and RV Park in NC.

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