SM Cagayan De Oro City

It’s a Sunday afternoon and my HUbby and I are here in SM Cagayan de Oro. As expected, the mall is crowded with so many people doing their shopping, dining in the restaurants, watching the weekend mall show or simply just hanging out.

SM is one of the most popular mall chain in the country. It has branches all over the main cities of the Philippines. I could remember several years back, when we were so excited for the opening of this famous mall. I think it’s a ‘Filipino’ thing to hang out in the malls, not necessarily to do any shopping but simply enjoy the ‘coolness’ of the mall in this tropical country.

What can you find here in SM Cagayan?
4 movies houses, SM Superstore and Department store, food chains like KFC, Jollibee, Dunkin’ Donut, Pizza Hut Yellow Cab, Chow king; restaurants like Bigby’s, P Joe’s Diner, Dimsum House, RoadHaus Cafe, Mang Inasal and etc. brand outlets for Mossimo, Guess, Bench, Flosheim, Havaiannas and stores like The Travel Club, Xquisite, Celine, Watson’s, Toy Kingdom, National Bookstore and a whole lot more!

Kids can also be entertained with the Kid’s Wonderland, The Playhouse, Fun rides ( like the carousel, train and etc.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in SM Cagayan de Oro. There are lots of store branches that is located at SM, where you don't need to go to the main branch for you to just buy the item. SM theater movie cinema 1 is now in 3D.

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