So, You Want to Travel?

Travel Map
I’ve been to 62 cities in 4 countries
Lalaine is an explorer that:
likes popular destinations
likes a bug-free bed and hot showers
likes a little risk
Travel cred: pretty good
I rank in the top…
0.1% most cities visited – Philippines
0.3% most cities visited – Malaysia
0.6% most cities visited – Asia
Yes, I do!

And I hope we could travel as much as we can in this one year break that we have. We’ve already booked some flights and I just hope and pray that everything will turn out well. In addition to that, I’ve also joined a contest in which I could have a chance to win a 900$ travel voucher from Geckogo and Intrepid Travel.

How I can have a chance to win this 900$ voucher? All I have to do is to blog about the contest. I’ll get 10 entries for blogging about it, another 3 entries for posting a widget on my blog and 1 entry for every reader who joins Geckogo.

And you know what? You.. yes, you my dear reader will also get a chance to win a 900$ voucher too! What do you have to do? You just join Geckogo and you get 2 entries. An additional entry for making a blog comment and another entry for signing up for Intrepid Express. just have to do that.

So, come and join the fun and sign up now! And don’t forget to comment in this post using your Gecko profile url.

The deadline for entries is March 1st, 2009 and the winner will be determined by random draw and announced on the GeckoGo Blog on Monday, March 9th. Chances of winning depend on the total number of entries received.

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