The Joy of Travelling with Kids

I’ve mentioned in one of my posts that sometimes traveling with kids is quite a stress since they have their own different needs and somehow the activities will be quite limited.

But, traveling with kids also brings joy to the parents hearts. The fact that we travel as a family is already fun. We don’t have to miss anyone or say to ourselves, ” I wish my daughter is here ” and etc. The whole family will have a shared experience and later in life will have a great time reminiscing the past travels or adventures. Children’s exposure and learning experience will also be so broad. I remember how my daughter could tell exactly whether we are still in Malaysia or Thailand. Of course, she could recognize the flags without us teaching her. And lastly, the whole travel experience creates a stronger bond and relationship as a family.

The reason I’m blogging this is because, we are going to travel as a family in Myanmar. We were supposed to leave the kids behind for 10 days but then, at the end, we couldn’t have the heart to leave them behind. Our kids background is so different from other kids since we are a more transient family and living in a 3rd country. So, they don’t have anyone else (aside from us) whom they are used to and be left alone. Leaving them behind for 10 days without us would be a disaster to those taking care of them and traumatic for the children. That’s why, I’m somehow relieved and happy with our final decision to bring our kids along with us. So, even if Myanmar doesn’t seem like the best tourist destination for kids, but for sure they will enjoy the trip with their Appa and Amma. “So, tag along kids, because off to Myanmar we go!”

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