The Road to Bukidnon

When I was small, Valencia Bukidnon seemed like a very ‘far away land’ . But when we went there last week, I realized that it’s not that far at all. Or maybe, my brother in law just drove so fast that I barely noticed the distance.

We had a pleasant trip except for the part in Mangima where they were repairing the roads and it caused a long jam. And from there, our li’l boy already became uneasy and was squirming, crying and moving a lot. How I wish our kids are used to sit still in the car seat, but they are just very active and being in one is like a torture to them. I should have immediately ‘trained’ them in infant car seats even when they were still babies. I have only tried to put them in the seats when they were already about 5 months old and that time they already discovered the joy and comfort in sitting on my lap.

Anyways, back to the Bukidnon trip, if you plan to go to Bukidnon during this season when they’re doing some repairs, you have to expect some delays because of the road repair. Please drive slowly and safely too as the the roads are a bit narrow and has a lot of curves. Have a safe trip!

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