Travel Websites

I really love to go and read through different travel websites. Each websites has something interesting to show and helps me learn something new about a place, culture and its people. If only I’ve got all the time, I would love visit different travel websites, forums and blogs. Just last night, I joined this particular travel site and built my own profile and browsed through a lot of other traveler’s profile and I truly enjoyed it. Little did I know that it was already about 2 in the morning and I decided to sleep.

I like that website and I’ll try to visit it again later whenever I’ve got the time. That site was cool, easy to navigate and the design is beautiful. I’m sure that they hired a very talented website builder and designer for that.

Wouldn’t it be cool to become a website designer too? Would it be possible to be one without prior knowledge about html and other techie computer stuff? Yes, it is possible! I’ve found that one can create a website with just the use of ‘drag and drop’ . That’ll be cool huh? And what’s even better is that it’s free! Why don’t you try it out now.

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