Traveler’s Cafe

I found something quite interesting today. It’s a travel site where you meet fellow travelers , gain important info, tips and recommendations to your next travel destination.

It’s quite a new site ( 3 months old) but as I’ve browsed through it, I found out the great potential of this site. In fact, there are already 50,000 travel tips in the site and you can find travel tips for nearly any major place in the world. What I like most about this site is that it’s not only informative but it’s fun and very friendly. I would like to call it the “Facebook for Travelers”. But it’s more than a social networking site. It’s like a Traveler’s Cafe where you meet fellow travelers, chat and share your tips and experiences and after the visit, you’ll be inspired to go on to your next destination. Cool huh!

I’m talking about GeckoGo Travel . You can have a look at it yourself and if you’re a serious backpacker or traveler , I’m sure you’ll enjoy this site too. I’ve already created an account with Gecko and I just found out that they also have regular contests where you get a chance to win trips! Wow! So, you better check out this great site!

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