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If given a chance, I would like to venture into business in the future. I’m not really a business minded person but it would be nice to try it out and see. Maybe then, this will only take place when children are grown up and I’ll have more time for a home business or such. I still don’t have a clear idea on exactly the type of business but as for now, I guess I’ll still have to gather some information and tips on how to start one.

I just found this great article by Ben Behrouzi on Startups, Progressive Governance and How to Apply the Gas and Brakes During Growth. It contains very helpful information like how startups “must be accelerated in order to gain the critical mass and stability necessary for sustained growth and development ” or “Too often startups make the mistake of applying too much brakes and governance to alleviate the growing pains and challenges they face.” So, one must know when to apply the brakes or just simply let the business take off smoothly.

Anyways, since I’m still a newbie on this topic, then maybe you better check out Ben Behrouzi’s blog and learn more about it.

For the meantime, let me read on some of his articles and learn more things.


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