Camiguin Trip Day 1

We planned to leave Cagayan de Oro to travel to the Port of Balingoan after 12 nn. So, that we would have ample of time to spare before the ferry’s last trip to Camiguin. But due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’ we only left the city at 2:45 pm. Cagayan de oro to Balingoan is normally a 2 hour drive. But because we were so much in a hurry, it only took us less than 2 hours to reach the place. When we arrived the port, thankfully, the barge was still there. It seemed to have waited on us because we were the last car to enter ship.

It was already almost 6 pm when we reached the Port of Binoni, just in time for us to see the beautiful Camiguin sunset. It was such a relief to finally be in Camiguin!

I’ve been to the island 10 years ago and there was not much changes in it except for the cemented roads which made the place cleaner.

We then went straight o our cousin’s place. She cooked for us a delicious meal of fish and seashells. That was indeed a great welcome for us. When it was 9 pm we decided to take a dip at the Ardent Hot spring. My cousin’s concerned neighbor told us that the spring closes at 9pm. But nevertheless, we proceeded to the spring and thought we could ask them a favor to let us take a dip for at least a few minutes.

But surprisingly, it was still opened when we reach Ardent Hot springs and found out that they’re actually open 24 hours! Good we didn’t listen to that man and stayed behind.

The pool was refreshingly warm. Everyone, even the kids enjoyed the hot springs. We stayed there for almost 2 hours and everyone dozed off in the car on the way home. Everyone except the driver, of course! :)

To be continued…

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