Camiguin Trip Day 3- WHite Island Experience

Our Day 3 started quite early. We all woke up at 5:00 am because we wanted to go to the White Island early in the morning. Yes, the best time to go to the Island is before 10am. Why? Because the Island doesn’t have any shade and you’ll really get sun burned if you go there at noon or in the afternoon.

So, we were up at 5:00 am, had breakfast and left our rented house at about 6am. We then proceeded to Paras Beach Resort where there are pump boats available for rent. By 7 am , with our life jackets on, we were already aboard the small pump boats.

It was such refreshing time to see the fresh beautiful morning and feel the cool sea breeze on your face. The boat to the island only took about 10 minutes. But from afar , I could already see something jutting out from the small, barren white island. “What was that, funny looking thing?”, I wondered. Only when we arrived on the island that I clearly saw the funny looking thing. It was actually a signage, from the Tourism department that explains to the public that a 20 Pesos entrance fee will be charged to all the visitors. ” What?!”.. I couldn’t believe what I just read. First, the signage didn’t just ruined the beauty of the Island but it also makes visitors complain. Why we need to pay an entrance fee to go on the island? The government didn’t “build” the island and they didn’t add any facilities on it ( except for a couple of garbage cans and the signage of course). Oh, it’s so sad.. When we were passing by, we just heard a foreigner complaining about it too. I’m sure a lot of people have been discouraged by this. Good thing too, that my Mom brought some money. I didn’t bring my wallet thinking that I won’t be needing it on the island since there’s nothing there to buy. What if, we didn’t bring our money, would that mean, we can’t go and step on the island. Sad..

Anyways, after paying our entrance fee we then walked and looked for a place to lay our mat and sit down. The beauty of the island somehow made me forget about my dismay on the entrance fee.. :) We went swiming, flew kites and built sandcastles. We had a great time.

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  1. Years ago, it was free! That’s really funny to hear that there’s an entrance to a sandbar. Like they’re going to maintain it or something.

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