Hot and Spicy!

Living in Thailand and married with an Indian ( Malaysian) for 6 years had made my taste buds accustomed to spicy food. My Hubby and I have just been longing for the Thai kind of spicy food that can put smoke in your ears! Hahah!

For months we’ve been in search for that kind of spice so when we’re in the grocery store, we make sure we pick up those goods labeled as ” hot and spicy” corned beef, Chilli noodles, wild spice junk food and etc. BUt when we eat it, we can’t even taste the spice anymore. True!! The spiciness is just at the tip of the tongue and doesn’t make us sweat and our ears smoke.

Still on our search for spicy food, when we went to Mang Inasal yesterday, we ordered their Sisig na Bangus. And guess what my Hubby did? He took a small saucer and filled it up with red bird’s eye chille, pressed them so hard where you can see all the small seeds coming out and put vinegar, soy sauce and lemon. Sisig is already a spicy dish but he wasn’t satisfied. That’s the reason why he took all the red chillis from the condiments station.

Then, we took a small piece of the Sisig and ‘bathe’ it in his spicy sauce and guess what, it was just heavenly spicy! Hahaha! It was the kind of spice that we’ve been looking for a long time. We ate and ate until I could feel my ears burning from the spice and my face sweating. That was the kind of “Hot and Spicy’ that we’ve been searching for a long time.. whew!

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