Intermission: Sale and More Contests!

It is a fact that the world is experiencing financial crisis at this very time. Many people have lost their jobs and the prices are soaring high. When get more disheartened when we hear the news because we see the reality of everyone’s struggle.

But we need not despair because we know that just like the ‘Asian Crisis’ we experienced several years ago, “this too shall pass”. We can do some action and apply strategies to cope with our economic situation. I’m sure with God’s help, we can all survive this seemingly ‘hopeless’ situation.

There are also many companies and organizations which are committed to assist many people in their needs. A lot of stores are also offering big discounts so that many of us could still afford to wear decent clothing. One of these stores is Sears. They’ve got discounts up to 80%. If you go to Busted Moms website and become a fan, you also get a chance to win a 2,500$ worth of Mommy Makeover. If you have a Twitter account, you can also have a chance to win great prizes when you become a follower of @bustedmoms . Isn’t it so easy to join? Then, log on to now and get more details. The contest ends on the 18th of April.

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