Itchy Feet

Itchy feet.. not literally though but this is the term we often use to refer those who can not stay in one place. My feet are itching to move, to go to a different place that I haven’t been before, to eat a different type of food, to hear a different dialect or language. My feet are ‘itching’ either to go to Camiguen or to MOAP, Ozamiz or maybe Cebu or Davao. But I know it’s not possible for us to go to these places anymore. Time is limited, our budget is limited and so on and so forth.. :)

Anyways, just allow me to travel in my dream. Let’ say, I book for an All Inclusive Holidays at to Athens, Greece. This site is a great site to check out to book your flights and hotels to every part of the world. Anyways, back to my dream destination Greece, I would very much like to spend 5 nights in a Neo- classical styled hotel there overlooking the Acropolis. The days will then be filled visiting the museum, galleries and looking at the ruins of Acroplolis, Parthenon and etc. Evening walks will also consist of walking where the Greek philosophers and artists have thread upon. I just hope that this dream of mine will soon become a reality.

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