On Camiguen Island and Florida Beach

Until now, we’re still on the ‘decision’ and planning stage for our Camiguen Island trip. There are a lot of factors involved why we’re still undecided and one of those factors is the ‘cost’. But I guess I really haven’t done my ‘homework’ yet that’s why I can’t have a clear picture on the costs, accommodation and transport while we’re in the island. Okay, writing this post now reminds me to call up my cousin Bebing ( who’s currently in Camiguen) and ask her all the details. It’s really more challenging when you travel on a budget because then you’ll have to plan out well and do more research.

If we’re not on a budget and constrained with other factors, I would like to go to Florida and experience for myself its beautiful beaches. I’ve heard that aside from Florida’s famous beaches, they also have some great places to stay like Destin Florida Beach Condo Rental . It’s actually a resort condominium with great amenities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private balconies and massage therapy. Cool huh?

But back to reality, we’re in still here in the Philippines and we’re doing a budget holiday, what matters most is that we will all enjoy our trip whether on a budget or not.


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