Status: Currently in Camiguin

We finally made it! After so much of planning, budgeting and thinking hard about this trip, we’ve finally made it to come here. Thanks to my Mom, Sis and cousin who have helped is with all the preparations. We’ve come to a point of cancelling our trip but they made us change our minds. And I’m glad they did!
We were here since Monday and we we’re supposed to leave this afternoon but unfortunately ( or rather fortunately?), the last trip for the barge got cancelled so, we don’t have any other way to go back Cagayan.
So, here I am now in an internet cafe in Mambajao filled with students playing some online games. We might be going to Ardent Hot Spring a little bit later.I just needed to check if I’ve got some ‘tasks’ to write.
That’s all for now and I’ll surely post about this Camiguin Trip.

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