The Rank is Back!

It’s official! This blog’s rank is back ( Yippee!!) after getting a big drop from the past 2 months. I didn’t ‘publicly’ announce this earlier because I was afraid that there would be some changes after a few days or maybe Mr. Ggle got mistaken. But since the rank hasn’t moved, then maybe it would stay ( hopefully for a very long time). I was so happy the first time I checked and rechecked ( and rechecked) this blog’s ranking. I honestly never thought that this blog’s rank 3 will ever return after its major drop last January. But thank God that its back. I was already getting prepared to get the best web hosting choice for this blog to move to a new domain. But thankfully, I’m a slow worker so, I haven’t made that major move yet by buying new domain for it.

So for now, I’m retaining this blog here at blogger again. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said that. It is like the ‘future’ of this blog always depends on its ranking. Yes, as a blogs ranking really means a lot to the bloggers. But, I still continue to wonder, why this blog’s rank dropped last January and why it’s back again now…Hmm..It must be God’s favor. Anyways, as for now this will continue to be my travel blog and be posting more of our travel experiences.

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