Who’s Ben Behrouzi?

I’m currently a follower of Ben Behrouzi in Twitter. I first came across this young entrepreneur through his blog which deals a lot about business and the internet. Even if I’m still an amateur on these topics but I find his posts quite interesting and relevant to the internet world too. You might be wondering who’s Ben Behrouzi. He is currently the President and CEO of DotNext Inc. If you haven’t heard about Dot.Next, then you must have heard about LeapFish or iHype. DotNext Inc. is actually operating these internet companies. Isn’t that cool?

This fine, young man must be so intelligent and talented. He has attained success at such an early age. But just like any other successful celebrities or entrepreneurs, he is surely not exempted from all the rumors and ugly gossips. So that’s it about Ben Behrouzi. But if you want to know about him and the rumors that surround him, then you might want to check out a post about Ben Behrouzi & The Most Fashionable Rumors Online. This is actally a post that is written by Ben to clarify all the rumors that surround him. Are you intrigued now? Then, better check out the post now!


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