AFC and T&L

AFC or Asian Food Channel and T&L or Travel and Living are my two favorite channels in cable tv. The Food Channel because maybe I’m a frustrated cook ( or food lover!) and Travel and Living because I want to see new places.

Cable television can indeed bring you to different places and let you ‘taste’ food from around the globe. I always believe that watching these channels is the cheapest and most convenient way to TRAVEL. Of course, its different when you taste, smell and see everything ‘live’, but I guess this will be sufficient when we don’t have the time nor money to travel around.

Some entertainment channels about celebrity are also interesting to watch from time to time. Whenever I watch these channels, my eyes are usually glued to the dresses or clothes they’re wearing. Some celebs have great taste while the others’ style of dressing is just weird. I can’t forget one celeb who wore this very funny looking dress in which most of her body is already exposed. But most of these celebrities are really good looking.

Anyways, I guess this post is a proof that maybe I’ve been watching a bit more TV these past days huh?

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