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I’m thinking to change this site’s template but I still don’t have the time. to do it This blog’s template has been around for quite sometime now which explains why I already feel bored looking at it. A few weeks ago, I found some beautiful themes but I was dismayed to know that it’s only available for wordpress sites. I have another wordpress blog and I found a site that offers free wordpress themes and tutorials for wordpress. I’ll have to take note of this site called wpdesigner because it also web hosting sites.

Speaking of webhosting sites, if you’re thinking of getting your own webhost, then might as well search for the best for your blog. Last year, when I bought my own domain, I had some problems and it took more than a month for my site to fully function. Yes, it has been a very frustrating time for me, having a domain but was not available for the public’s use.That’s why it really important to get a web host that’s easy to set up and with great customer support to immediately fix any problems encountered in the site.

Back to this site’s template, I hope I’ll have more time next week to tinker on this blog.

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