Cancelled Trip to MOAP

At this very time, I’m already supposed to be having so much fun swimming with the dolphins in Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park ( MOAP) instead of tap tapping the keys of my mini notebook. Haaayyy… How I wish our plans haven’t changed. But as they said, there is always another time. But we will have to wait for another 2 years or so for that ‘another time’ to happen since we’re due to leave next week.

Yes, canceled trips can be sometimes disappointing, especially those trips which you’ve always been looking forward to. I feel like a small child now, moping for the reason of not getting what she wants. LOL! You see, I love dolphins! I will always remember the time when I was aboard the business class of Superferry 5 and was just sitting by my window when lo and behold I saw a school of dolphins! I was jumping up and down seeing that amazing sight!

So that explains my dismay when I learned that we have to cancel our trip to Ozamiz City. Today could have been an opportunity for me to see the dolphins up close and swim with them too! Tsk..tsk..tskk But then, I have to console myself and say, ” There’s always a ‘next time’.

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