Facts and Tips for Cagayan de Oro Water Rafting

After experiencing the water rafting in Cagayan de Oro 2 weeks ago, I have compiled some facts, tips and things you need to know before going for the ultimate adventure in Cagayan de Oro. Hope this is helpful.

1) How much does it cost? The cost depends on the package but it ranges from 700- 1,200 per person. The 700 pesos package just covers the basic things like transportation to and from the site. rubber boat, life jackets, helmet, paddles and etc while the 1,200 pesos package can include food, photos, videos and etc.
2) How long does it take? 2-3 hours
3) What to wear? If you don’t want to have a tan or be sunburned then better be ready with your hats, long sleeve shirts,aqua shoes, shades and leggings. And don’t forget to apply your sun block lotion.
4) What NOT to bring (during the the rafting)? Your cameras, handphones and anything that gets broken when it gets wet. But they also provide a Wet Bag ( waterproof bag) for each group, so you can put all your valuables in this bag.
5) What to bring? Water and food ( crackers, sandwiches or candies). Being in the hot sun for hours can really make you thirsty and hungry. So, better pack your food before your go.
6) The last stopover is a restaurant that serves good food that ranges from 80 Peso ( i.e Barbecue, rice and coke) to 180 Pesos ( i.e. Roasted beef,rice and coke or Tangigue, rice and coke)
6) There are a total of 14 rapids in the Beginners Level of the Water rafting adventure that can last from 2-3 hours.
7) There are 21 Rapids in the advanced level which can last up to 5 hours.
8) The First Waters Adventure which was the pioneer company for this water rafting adventure first started in 1995.
9) Do you know that a single rubber boat cost around 150,000 Pesos?
10) 3 paddling instructions you need to know before you star the adventure: Forward, Backward, Turn
11) During the rafting, your every move will be documented as official photographers follow your group for documentation. The cost per cd ( for the photos) – 250 Pesos
12) This adventure is not for the very faint hearted. If you have any major heart problems please make sure to check with the doctor before trying it out. But children can also try the Beginner’s level as there are life jackets and helmets available for kids too.

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  1. A very good post, it will surely inform adventurers out there on the things that they need to do or bring. At least they can very much prepare well ahead of time.

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