Filipino Past Time

What do Filipinos do in their past time? It actually depends on the place and the family backgroud, but I would have to say the Malling should be in the top 3 list. In the outskirts, Video oke can also be a common past time as well as playing Bingo. But even the malls in the city now have Bingo games all over.

Writing about this actually reminded me of my childhood, when my parents were actively involved in an organization. They would raise their organization’s funds through garage sales, dinners, bingo games and contests. I even won one of the games and got a photo album as my prize. Now, with hi technology, these games can already be played online. I also found that games like Monopoly and Deal or No Deal can also be played in . Now, I know where to go when I want to de-stressed and play some online games.

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