Of Mini Note and Desktops

I’m glad I made the right choice of buying myself an HP Mini ( Thank you, Lord!) , it’s just so light, small and compact therefore I can just bring it anywhere I want at anytime. You see, I had a bit of regret right after getting this one because of the following reasons: small hard drive, no LAN and a jack for LCD and etc. But then, I soon realized that I don’t need those anyway since this mini note will be used solely for blogging and surfing the net. It’s indeed a toy that’s great for travelers.

It’s been almost 2 months now and I’m just enjoying the convenience of bringing my mini note anywhere and getting opportunities to surf the net wherever there’s wifi connection.

Of course, desktops will still have a special place in my heart especially those desktops of high performance. Nothing beats looking at the desktop’s ‘giant’ screen at 17″ as opposed to a 9″ LCD. PCs can even be custom built to suit the users needs. I’ve heard about cryopc.co.ok that has designers and builders of custom built pc’s, gaming computers and high performance desktops and workstations. Cryo PC also offer the fastest desktop PC’s, the widest available range of high quality component options and uniquely publish all their benchmarks. I’m sure those gamers would love to avail the services of a custom pc builder and let their pc’s work best for the games they love to play.

3 thoughts on “Of Mini Note and Desktops

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    I have read your blog and I feel that the information given will be here is very useful to me.
    Thanks for sharing all the valuable information here …

  2. 😉 i regret not getting a smaller laptop. mine is 13 inches so its not too big, but still, a smaller one would have been ideal

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