One Good Indian Restaurant

I’ve heard about this restaurant even before we came to Malaysia. My hubby and cousin has told me about their food in this restaurant which made me crave so much of indian curry while we were still in the Philippines.

Finally, we came to this restaurant a few days after arriving in Malaysia. And true enough, they have such delicious Indian curry that made so full and stuffed after the meal. It’s the Chennai Restaurant along the Indian Street in Klang. This is actually quite a new restaurant. The place is quite interior and you would never know that there’s a restuarant on the second floor, unless you see the signage outside.

The interior has nice , bright colors and is airconditioned. It seemed a bit private with less crowd which actually makes your dining experience better- less noise and cooler ambience.

So, if you want a real taste of Indian curry in the Little India of Klang, then don’t forget to check this place out.

One thought on “One Good Indian Restaurant

  1. I have a watery mouth now…I really like indian curry…wish can visit there someday……that’s my goal to visit Malaysia and eat lots and lots of indian curry…

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