Our Clark Airport Experience

We are all back in Malaysia now. We thank God for our safe travel. Our travel back wasn’t as stressful as expected. Thanks to our brother in law who managed to find a contact who booked us in an affordable bed and breakfast hotel at Clark and sent us all the way from NAIA3 Manila to Clark by car.

It’s a good thing we decided to stay in Clark overnight to wait for our next flight to Malaysia the following day. If not, then I guess we would have been very stressed and tired after the long journey.

So, all went well from our domestic trip from Manila to Cagayan. Our brother in laws friend was already waiting for us outside the airport when our plane landed. The trip to Clark took only about 2 hours since there wasn’t any traffic jam. So, we all rested in the hotel we stayed and woke up early the next morning for our last flight from Clark to Kuala Lumpur.

The Clark Airport was nicely designed but I guess, it needed to be expanded once more and more flights are added from the budget airlines. There was only one check-in counter for each flight so that’s why the queues were quite long. I think it almost took us an hour to be served. Then, I went to the Travel tax department to pay for my travel tax. As Filipinos, we are required to pay 1,620 pesos as tourist travel tax. But, in my case since I have a Malaysian visa I was only supposed to pay 300 pesos. This was the amount I have been paying everytime I go out of the country. I think I paid this amount 3 times from the Cebu International Airport. But to my surprise, the lady asked me to pay 1,620 Pesos. So, I showed her my visa and told her that all the while I have only been paying 300 pesos. Then she argued that there is no such amount. So, I had to show her the signage on their table that says 300 pesos for OFW dependent visa. Then she explained to me that I must be in the country for a year and only then, I pay 300. What?? I totally didn’t understand the whole logic of it. Anyways, it seemed she was so determined to let me pay 1,620 even if I told her so many times that even during my travels before , I never stayed in the Philippines for a year. Oh well, I was just too tired to argue and just let it go. Arghhh.. So, I reported to my Hubby and he also went and asked why. They seemed to give him a piece of paper that explains the new rule. I didn’t bother to read about it anymore and just asssume it must be a new rule or something. But I guess, I’ll have to look for that brochure and read through it.

Anyways, after my Travel Tax dilemma, we were in queue for the 600 Pesos Terminal fee, filled up the Immigration form, passed through immigration and were in queue again for the manual checking of baggage. Whew!! With a lot of hand carry baggages and 2 restless kids in tow, you can imagine the stress of all these.

And finally , we boarded the Airaisa plane and were relieved that we didn’t have to run for our lives to get seated on the plane but Airasia already assign seats for each passenger. Whew!

So, that was our Clark Airport Experience. So if you’re travelling from the Philippines to any other country don’t forget to spare 1,620 Pesos ( if you’re a Filipino) for Travel tax and 600 Pesos for Terminal fee. We actually forgot about the terminal fee and we had to withdraw some money from the nearest ATM for us to pay. 😉

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  1. they seem to have different rule each time. i only paid 200 pesos but they say i cannot be paying that everytime. i need to be out of the country for one year. then only i can avail the 200 peso-terminal fee.

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