Our Maharaja Hotel Experience

During our travel back here in Malaysia, our family decided to stay overnight in Clark, Pampanga before boarding our Airasia flight to Kuala Lumpur. We really found that to be a very good decision because we were able to get a good rest before our international flight. We were traveling with kids, so a very easy and comfortable trip was the aim of the day.

Anyways, with the help of our brother in law’s friend, we were able to book Maharaja Hotel in Clark. They had a summer promotion which only costs 1,120 per room. The hotel was quite simple and a bit old but it was clean. They had 2 big pools both for adults and kids.

What impressed us most during our stay there were their friendly and honest staff. After we checked out, we were waiting for our taxi service to the airport when one of the cleaners approached us and said we forgot something in the bathroom. Do you know what was that? It was my Hubby’s wedding, engagement and valentines rings! Hahah! So much of rings huh! But anyways, we were glad that they were honest enough to give it back to us. My Hubby was especially thankful for the cleaner too.

It’s a nice feeling to know that even in small hotels like these, they are still trustworthy and honest people. Well, if you ask us, we will surely go back to Maharajah Hotel if ever we get another chance to stay in Clark. Though their hotel won’t match hotels in Los Angeles or cheap accomodation in Montreal but their staff are sure hospitable and honest.

2 thoughts on “Our Maharaja Hotel Experience

  1. Back in 1982, my father was in the US Air Force and we were stationed at Clark Air Base. When we first arrived there, we were put up at the Maharaja hotel for a couple weeks while my father and mother waited for housing (we eventually ended up renting a house off base).

    I still have vivid memories of those couple weeks at the Maharaja Hotel. At that time, there were a lot of other military kids living there, and we had a great time playing all over the grounds.

    Good to hear that it's still around!

  2. oh..so it was already around in 1982..i think that's why it's quite obvious from its architecture that it's quite an old hotel.. but it's still nice though and cheap..:)

    Thanks for dropping by!

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