Things You Need to Know When You Go to Camiguin Island

This will just be a quick guide with travel tips to Camiguin Island.

Things You Need to Know When You Go to Camiguin Island

  • One way ferry fare Balingoan- Camiguin Island : 135 per person, 1,000 per car ( plus 2 ferry tickets free )
  • Bus ride from Cagayan to Balingoan ( vice versa) : Travel hours: 2 hours ( approx), Fare: 180 Pesos
  • Duration of the ferry ride to the Island : 1 hour
  • First ferry trip (barge) from Camiguin to Balingoan :4 a.m.
  • Last ferry trip (barge) from Camiguin to Balingoan : 6 p.m ( but be aware that the last trip sometimes gets canceled)
  • Last ferry trip (barge) from Balingoan to Camiguin : 4 p.m.
  • Number of hours it takes to go around the whole island: 2 hours
  • Entrance Fees to be paid to enter the resorts : 10- 20 pesos
  • Amount to be paid to hire a jeepney ( transport) for the whole day : 800- 1500 pesos
  • Things to pack when going to Camiguin: Sun block lotion, hat, swimsuit, mosquito repellant, shades, camera, shorts and swimming gear.
  • Good places to stay in Camiguin: Paras Beach Resort, Camiguin Highlands, Paraiso, Bahay Bakasyonan and Enigmata.
  • Is there wifi connection in Camiguin? Yes, some resorts and hotels have and a few restaurants too.
  • Souvenir items you can buy : Camiguin shirts, caps, Vjandep Pastels, Pinato, Lanzones, personalized bracelets and keychains.
  • Amount to be paid when you hire a pump boat to the White Island : 450 pesos

That’s all for now..

note: the prices qouted are correct at the time of posting but it may change depending on the season and economic status of the island.

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  1. Hi love, thank you for posting this very interesting informations. I never visited Camiguin yet, might be someday. God bless you

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