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When I search something about a certain place or country in the web, I always search for the Top 10 Things to Do or Top 10 Sights to See. The Top 10 gives me the best among the rest. So, when you’re on a trip and only have a limited time to explore the place, the Top 10 things to do or sights to see will somehow give you the best of what the place has to offer. So, never mind if you can’t go to the other places as long as you’ve got to see the Top 10.

I’ve got another Top 10 list, but this time it’s not about travel but about web hosting. I finally found the Top 10 Web Hosting sites at . Now, I’m studying the top 1 of the list and already so tempted to get a web host plan for a cheap price. The following are included in the plan:

* Unlimited GB’s of Space
* Unlimited GB’s of Transfer
* Unlimited Domain Hosting
* Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* FREE Site Builder
* FREE Domain for Life
* FREE Instant Setup
* CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL

What do you think? Do I need to get a webhost plan now or wait for a cheaper plan?

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