A Sad Story from Wittenoom, Western Australia

I’ve just read a very sad story about what the thousands of people faced at Wittenoom, Western Australia less than 50 years ago. There used to be a big mining and milling company of blue asbestos in the area. Aside from the fact that asbestos is a toxic material, the work conditions of this company was also bad and appalling. As a result, thousands of workers and their families, visitors, tourists, consultants and Government officials were exposed to lethal levels of blue asbestos in the area. Then in 1962, the first mesothelioma case in Australia was diagnosed. He was a worker of the same company. But even with the warnings from Doctors and mining inspectors, the company continued on with their operations giving little thought to their poor workers. Then, as years went by, hundreds more workers fell ill causing pre mature deaths from cancer or asbestosis. This in turn made Western Australia in particular to have the highest rate of malignant mesothelioma than any State in Australia or elsewhere in the world per capita of population.

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