Blogger Status: Currently in Klang, Malaysia

We’re currently in Klang, Malaysia. Klang is the royal capital of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It’s about 45 mins. drive from KL and 10 mins drive from Port Klang.

Klang has been like our 2nd home in Malaysia. We always come here since our base is here. There are many things and places that I like in Klang. Here is my list:

1) I like the Indian Street or Little India. Here we can get to buy a lot of Indian clothes for quite an affordable price.
2) I like the fact that Klang has a lot of shopping malls and supermarkets.. 😉 I’ll post a list of the shopping malls to be found in Klang.
3) I like the place where all the different places of worship are placed together. It’s just at the back of Indian Street, you can see the Tamil Methodist Church, Indian Mosque, Hindu Temple, Chinese Methodist Church, Barnabas Church, Sheik’s Temple, Catholic Church and Wesley Methodist church.
4) I like to see the grandeur of the Palace of the Sultan.

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