How to Have a Stress Free Travel with your Pre schooler

I’ve found some tips on how to have a stress free travel with a preschooler. HEre they are:

1) Check the car sear or seat restraints before traveling.
2) Practice the rule.
– Before the long trip, practice letting your child seat in the car seat for a long time and try to let him/her get use to it.
3) Make car rules.
4) Provide appropriate play materials.
5) Familiarize your child with your travel plans.
6) Personally involve your child traveler.
7) Establish rules of conduct for traveling.
8) Praise Good behaviour.
9) Stop the car if your child gets out of his car seat or unbuckles his safety belt.
10) Play car games.
11) Make frequent rest stops.
12) Monitor snacks on long trips.

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