Intermission: Flight Stewards and The Men Pen

Whenever we travel, I can’t help but notice the pretty flight stewardess and the good looking stewards. Their faces look so perfect and unblemished. I know for sure that the women use concealers to hide their skin imperfections but I was not so sure if the men use them too. It was only now that I’ve heard of a concealer stick for men. I guess, it’s a great idea to have cosmetics made especially for men. A lot of men especially those whose jobs require them to look good like celebrities, flight stewards, models and etc. will really need this product. Men and women also have different skin types thus a concealer especially formulated for men will turn out to be natural for them. I’ve seen some male celebrities who used make up and it didn’t look so nice on them because it didn’t fit their skin type and tone. Instead, they looked awkward and feminine.

I’m certain that mens makeup won’t let the men look feminine but instead enhance and emphasize their good looks. And I’m sure that a lot of men are happy with this new product that now they have mens cosmetics available and won’t have to secretly borrow their wife’s cosmetics.


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