One Costly Experience

One disadvantage on living in a foreign land is that people tend to take advantage of you by charging you double or even 10 times the original rate of services or products. And since our knowledge or exposure on certain things are limited, then we don’t know where to go to get a fair price or at least reasonable rate for things.

This happened to us in Thailand a few years ago. The toilet in our center was clogged up so, we asked around where to get a plumber and finally manage to get one. The plumber then advised us to contact a company that repairs and drains the sewer. We were quite in distressed at that time because classes were going on and we had to repair the toilet fast. So, after waiting for a few hours, the people came, drained the sewer for about 1 hour and gave us the bill. The did some explanations first before handing us the bill and my Hubby almost fainted when he saw that they charged us 10,000 Baht for the service! My Hubby asked again why it’s so high and he again explained everything. We were helpless at that time and didn’t have any choice but to write a check to pay for their service.

The next day, we told our friend about our experience and he got shock of the rate and said, that if we call the public sewer service, they only charge 300 Baht for the whole service. TSk…tsk..tsk.. We couldn’t do anything at that point anymore, but charge that to experience. It was indeed a costly experience. Next time, we have to ask a few people first ( not just one) for referrals when it comes to services before hiring anyone. This is to make sure that we get the best price and not to be taken advantaged of.

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