Stricter Baggage Rules for Budget Airlines

Bringing excess baggage or luggage was not so much of a problem before because the fees were not so expensive and sometimes you can ‘beg’ the ground crew to allow your 2-3 kilos excess without fees.But lately, the airlines especially some budget airlines have lessened their allowable baggage from 20 kilos to 15 kilos and a kilo of excess weight would definitely be charged. I was also surprised during our latest trip because I found out that group check in is not allowed anymore. So, if you’re carrying 12 kilos and your friend is carrying 18 kilos, then he either has to pay the excess 3 kilos or take out some things from his bag and put it in your bag. THat’s quite a hassle, right?

So, if you’re travelling by budget airlines, be aware that your baggage may it be ahartmann luggage, tumi luggage or briggs and riley luggage , must not exceed 15 kilos ( unless of course, you’re willing to pay the fees) or you might end up ( like us ) unpacking and repacking our bags at the middle of the airport. Hahaha! That was quite embarrasing but we we didn’t have a choice because we didn’t want to pay thousands of baht just for excess baggage.

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