The Beautiful Myanmar

Being a first time tourist here in Yangon, my eyes are set on the beautiful side of this once capital city of Burma now called Myanmar. Yes, I’m still experiencing some culture shocks here but let me save that for another post. First, let me tell you the beauty that I see in this place.

The Lutheran Church

I love the old colonial feel of the place. The church buildings that the British built many years back were just huge and beautiful. Most of the churches are actually very old but nicely restored. Even if the main streets already has a touch of modernity but with the old buildings around it, you can still imagine how it was like back in the olden days.

The people here are warm, friendly and very hospitable. We’re amazed by the amount of ‘service’ they do just to make the guests feel comfortable.We experienced this with our local church friends and other people too. Yesterday, we went to Bogyoke Aung San Market and the place was just so warm. While we were in one shop to buy some souvenir items, a girl seeing that we felt so warm got a fan and fanned us! We politely refused her thoughtful gesture but she insisted.

Simple but beautiful. The people’s lifestyle here is just so simple – the way they dress, the food they eat and etc. I guess, the beauty in it lies in the fact, that there’s not much luxury and complication in this place.

Yangon is a nice place to visit and experience. But as a foreigner to live her long-term, it indeed requires more adjustments and maybe a complete change in lifestyle.

( Written on 3rd of May 2009)

5 thoughts on “The Beautiful Myanmar

  1. Nice post love, I am smiling alot while reading and wishing that someday I will be able to visit this place. I am really fascinated how the buildings look like. Wow! super hospitable and super kindness a girl rendered to you…So sweet! God bless them more and more, they’re dear to my heart….

    Oh by, you’ve got PRs again..congrats!

  2. I would love to visit myanmar , but i’m worried about its political unstability.Is it really safe to wander around the YANGON by yourself ? Does the military Juanta harass you?

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