The Swine Flu in Southeast Asia

It’s all in the news now. But I never thought it was so serious until we stepped into the 3 different international airports last week. When we were in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday, I was wondering why all the immigration officers has this cloth to cover their nose and mouth. I thought that they were just paranoid about the swine flu. Then, two hours later, when we landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok I saw more people with the masks on and they even had a kind of camera monitor to scan the each passenger’s temperature. Then lastly in Yangon, we were all required to have a temperature scan in the arm area from a small gadget they have.
It was only the next day, after browsing through a newspaper that the flu has indeed reached southeast asia. Will this be another outbreak like the SARS or Bird Flu in which a lot of lives were affected? I surely hope and pray that this outbreak will be contained and stopped before more and more people get affected.

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