Travel Healthy

The worst thing that could happen before, during or after any travel is getting sick. So, our family make sure that we ( especially our children) are healthy and strong before any trip. There were times that even if they only have a slight fever before the trip, we still go to the doctor and make sure that the fever is not something serious and we also bring our medicine with us.
During our most recent trip to Myanmar, we brought almost all types of medicine and vitamins for our children. We really had to make sure that we had every medication because we were not sure of the prescription rules of the land. And not to mention, there will always be a lot of language gaps and we could end up with the wrong medicine. We experienced this a lot of times in Thailand, when we want to buy some medication from the pharmacy, we end up not getting the medicine at all because of language problems. So, when we feel sick, we immediately go to the doctor , have ourselves checked and get the medicine there itself. That was a safer and hassle free option for us, though not so cost effective.
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