Traveling with my Baby

One of the most unforgettable experiences that I had was traveling alone with my 5 weeks old baby from Malaysia to the Philippines. Actually, our baby has traveled from Philippines to Malaysia 2 weeks earlier ( she was only 21 days old at that time) but my Hubby was with me during that trip.

What was challenging with this solo travel with my baby was that we had to board the plane 3 times ( from Penang- Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur- Kota Kinabalo, Kota Kinabalo- Cebu City) and take an overnight ship to my Hometown from Cebu City. And not to mention, I delivered my baby via ceasarian section so, I was not a hundred percent fit and strong at that time.

But with lots of prayers and preparation I was able to go through it all courageously. During the 3 flights, my baby was quiet and was just sleeping. I was seated at the front row of the plane with the bassinet but then, my baby refused to be placed inside. I guess it’s because the bassinet is too cold and uncomfortable for her. Babies love to sleep in comfy beds with Baby Bedding, I guess. So, I didn’t have a choice but to carry her during the entire trip. One of my concerns at that time was what I should do when nature calls. Good thing, I befriended some fellow Filipinas at the boarding gate and so, I was able to ask them a favor to watch my baby while I go to the toilet. I was quite amused by their curiosity as why I’m traveling alone with my baby. So, I had to explain to them that it was an unplanned trip as my father was not well and Hubby can’t come because of work.

Everything was fine during the hours flight to Cebu City. In Cebu, my brother and cousin fetched me from the airport and we all boarded the ship to our City. It’s a 10 hour trip and it was during this time when my baby was so uneasy and had been crying for hours. We tried everything to soothe her; fed her, wiped her, sang lullabies and danced but she just refused to stop crying. Even fellow passengers were concerned and some gave thier own tips and theories on why she’s crying. I guess she was just overstimulated at that time and has come to her limit. But thankfully, around midnight, she stopped crying and I was just sooo relieved.

That’s my travel experience with my baby… Thank God that everything went well ( except for the crying part at the ship) and we were able to go back home safely and spent some time with my father. But I learned my lesson: Never travel alone with a 5 week old baby by plane and by ship. It’s too much for a poor, tiny baby.

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