A Different Taiping

Last Saturday, our family went out to town to have our dinner. On our way to Taiping Sentral, we were surprised to see there was a heavy traffic. We thought that maybe there’s a police check or an accident at the junction but found out that there wasn’t any. Then, in Taiping Sentral, we could hardly get a parking space because the place was just crowded. It was somehow understandable because it was a weekend. That could have explained the crowd.

But on our way back home, there was heavy traffic again. And found the town so crowded and ‘alive’. The crowd and the jam made Taiping looks so different as its usually just a quite, peaceful town with ‘traffic’ unheard of.

Then, we remembered, it’s a the school holidays now, so maybe all the students and workers working from different states must have been back to the town ( balik kampung) and not to mention, vacationers and local tourists must be flocking the town now to go to the zoo or maybe just relax in this quite and peaceful town.

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