Intermission: Of Exercise and Hip Hop

Exercise, that’s what I need. I think it’s about time to take out the Exercise DVD that I bought when we were still in the Philippines, the Hip Hop Abs DVD! I remember using that DVD for exercise and it was the first time that I truly enjoyed exercising because I was just like dancing – Hip Hop! Usually, when I use exercise DVDs I’ll always look at the clock and impatiently want the whole routine to finish. But not with HipHop Abs, it’s has a fast and fun exercise routine.

And speaking of Hip Hop, you might want to check out one of the newest talented rapper in town, Nyce Billy. He was the first place winner of the Faces in the Crows Showcase. He has signed under Everything to Gain Entertainment and getting quite recognized in the international scene. You might want to check out his newest single ” Pour on the Floor” which is soon to be heard in your radio. And if you want to know more about him, you can check him out at myspace too.

And back to my Hip Hop dance exercise, I can’t wait to start exercising back again. I know that I can only reap the benefits of exercise, once I’m consistent and well motivated to do this again. Well, all the best to me. Who knows, out of this dance exercise I might be a real Hip Hop dancer in the future! LOL! Just kidding!


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